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Sports relief #bishopshell text number - donation not taken!?

Started by: maddismith
On: 02/03/2012 | 09:52
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by: maddismith
on: 02/03/2012 | 09:52

Radio 1 have been running a donation campaign for John Bishops week of hell (#bishopshell) to raise funds for Sports Relief.

I texted the donation number, supposed to donate £1 per text but I have just been charged a small amount for the text, the donation hasn't been taken. I definitely had the funds as I topped up specifically.


Do these donation numbers not work on GiffGaff?

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by: oslingsby
on: 02/03/2012 | 09:53
They normally do, when did you do it? Give it a few minutes or maybe a half hour to do it.
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by: maddismith
on: 02/03/2012 | 09:55

Oh ok, it was about half an hour ago. I just assumed the donation would leave account at same time as text payment. I'll check again later and see if it's gone.



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by: sloz
on: 02/03/2012 | 10:03
Was it to 70011 ? It seems the reverse billing isn't supported by giffgaff
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by: sloz
on: 02/03/2012 | 10:42
Just been billed 45 minutes later so the reverse billing is supported
Very unusual to wait that long though
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