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Still no 4G!!!

Started by: dylanscoffield
On: 13/09/2015 | 11:20
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by: dylanscoffield
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:20

Since the sim swap I still have no 4G. I've switched it on and off, set the phone to 4G on my iPhone 5 mobile settings etc...I live in London so presume we have 4G here. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong peeps? I'm perplexed!!


thanks in advance...

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by: mathew40
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:20
Hi there @dylanscoffield
You'll need to have either the iPhone 5C or 5S and upwards to use giffgaff's 4G service.
Did you know ,that you CAN still buy any 4G goodybag, but you wont be able to recieve 4G and your device will automatically switch to using 3G,check out this link here
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by: bigdaveuk
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:22
giffgaff don't support 4g on iphone 5
so you would need to upgrad your iphone 5 to a 5s or 5c
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by: argos1
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:23
Hi, unfortunately the iphone 5 won't use giffgaff/o2 4G because its the wrong frequency
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by: inglehurst
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:24
IPhone 5 won't work with o2/giffgaff 4g I'm afraid. You need the newer models than the 5.
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by: harmond
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:26
your phones is not compatible to 4G at giffgaff
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by: donne9uk
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:28

Sorry that phone don't do 4g sorry on giffgaff 

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by: sydneysingh
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:37
Why don't you try samsung s5..very good phone
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by: cherrycoke1983
on: 13/09/2015 | 11:51

The 5 doesn't work I had the same problerm I have to buy another phone

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