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Still not receiving texts please help

Started by: mariabad
On: 13/08/2019 | 23:40
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by: mariabad
on: 13/08/2019 | 23:40

Good evening I am still not receiving texts. Please help 


kind regards Maria 

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by: sloz
on: 13/08/2019 | 23:45
Hi, did the problem suddenly occur?
Can you receive calls ok?
If not, what does the person hear exactly when they call your number?

Which phone do you have?
Which connection symbol
(3G, 4G, H, E, gprs)
Do you see next to the signal bars?

Have you tried transferred a number to giffgaff?
If so, when did that happen and from which network?
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: spacefrog
on: 13/08/2019 | 23:45



Please try this if you have an iphone.


1.  Go to Settings

2.  Go to Messages

3.  Switch iMessage OFF

4.  Once it's switched off, turn it back ON again.

5.  Wait for it to finish activating

6.  Go to Settings

7.  Go to Phone

8.  Check that the number under "My Number" is correct,  if not, change it

9.  Reboot your phone (switch the phone off and then on again)

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