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Stop auto-top up for Goodybag

Started by: kurara
On: 07/07/2014 | 15:30
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by: kurara
on: 07/07/2014 | 15:30

Dear Giffgaff team,


I would wish to request to stop the auto-top up for my Goodybag starting from the 20th July onwards.


Reason is, I would not be in the UK, and hence it would be pointless deducting it that amount from my account.


In addition, the auto-top up system is really risky as deduction from my bank account following my latest top up was done WITHOUT my approval. I had no idea how Giffgaff executed that as I verified and knew that both my Auto Top-up and Recurring GiffGaff top-up was off. Furthermore, as there was no request of me to go through the additional provision of my 8-coded security key (usually done by merchants before transaction), I was most definitely startled to have Giffgaff automaticaly deduct that amount from my account.


Imagine if I was running on overpayment on my current account. How messy would that be if I were to bear additional charges for being in debt? =(


I hope you will kindly see it from my viewpoint. I currently have some credits with GiffGaff, and was intending to use them up for my latest top-up if not for the unnccessary deduction from my bank account.


I therefore humbly request that:

1) To return me my latest top-up amount that Giffgaff had deducted without my permission.

2) Stop all recurring and auto-top ups on my number so that there will be no such problems arising in the future for us.


I still love you Giffgaff. Don't make me lose my hope in you.xx



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by: espuelita
on: 07/07/2014 | 15:32

Hi there,


We are the community of users on here Smiley Happy


You can change your options (including auto top-up and goodybags recurring) via the "My Account" section of "My Giffgaff" dashboard.

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by: ilmarcello
on: 07/07/2014 | 15:34
Yes I would say that you need to change from your profile...
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by: ggsunset
on: 07/07/2014 | 15:37
Sign in and change the settings
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by: sjd75
on: 07/07/2014 | 15:38
You will need to turn it off from your login page manually
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by: 4128334
on: 07/07/2014 | 15:48
Change manually from profile. Please do not forget
to delete your bank details.
With regard to money being taken this is an account problem and you will have to contact agent on the following link:-
Allow up to 24hrs. for reply but usually quicker
Remember to make a call or text before 6 months are up to keep sim active. That is if yiu are away that long..
Have a great time.
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by: djmarksel
on: 07/07/2014 | 16:21
How can I change my recurring goodybag?

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by: robertmahony
on: 07/07/2014 | 16:34

Cancel Goodybag link

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