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Stored contacts not showing up on iPhone

Started by: skwormin
On: 01/09/2011 | 20:47
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by: skwormin
on: 01/09/2011 | 20:47



I am using my iPhone 4 with my SIM, and it is working great. But there is one thing I noticed..


I brought my phone from home (USA) and it is a AT&T phone but I am using the gevey SIM Ultra.


So I am adding a few contacts from my friends who just bought phones that are also studying abraod with me.


I have their numbers saved in my contacts, and I can call them or text them. But every time they call me, their name doesn't show up, it just shows their number.


Is there any way to fix this? Not a huge deal, as the phone still works great, but it is just slightly annoying.

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by: rayhoo
on: 02/09/2011 | 12:56
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skwormin wrote:
So I just found out if I add the +44 in front of the number I cannot make any calls. It says calling and then the call ends immediately. Is this supposed to happen?

Are you dropping the first zero in the phone number?

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by: andylamb
on: 01/09/2011 | 20:49

If their number appears as +44???? ?????? then make sure it appears like that in your contacts too.


If it shows up as 07??? ??????? then have it like that in your contacts.


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by: ed33
on: 01/09/2011 | 21:04
Yeah, you do usually need to add them as +44 or whatever as andylamb says
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by: skwormin
on: 01/09/2011 | 22:34
ok, I'm confused. If my buddy calls me, it shows up as his number.. 07xxxxxxxx whatever.

That is exactly what is in my phone under his contact, but yet the caller ID still does not work.
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by: skwormin
on: 02/09/2011 | 09:30
anyone know any other solutions for this?
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by: pazza_robo
on: 02/09/2011 | 09:32
have you got itunes? if you do I suggest you back up your phone and restore it this should iron out any problems
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by: andylamb
on: 02/09/2011 | 09:32 edited: 02/09/2011 | 09:33

Have a read of this:


Fix the Caller ID showing numbers instead of contacts names on the Gevey SIM unlocked iPhones!

1. Your iPhone has to be jailbroken and to have Cydia installed.
2. Open Cydia and install iFile.
3. Close Cydia and open the installed iFile.
4. Navigate to: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/PhoneFormats
5. Click on the UIMobileCountryCodes.plist and open it with Text Viewer.
6. Click Edit on the top left corner.
7. Change the 202 to 001
8. Change the gr to (your country 2 letter code e.g. it for Italy, fr for France)
9. Save and close iFile. Reboot your iPhone!



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by: skwormin
on: 02/09/2011 | 09:43

I do have iTunes. I can give this a try. andylamb, so are you saying I have to jailbreak my phone for it to work?

If that is the case then I will just deal with it not working, it's not a huge deal

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by: pazza_robo
on: 02/09/2011 | 09:45
Its a good idea Smiley Happy jailbreaking isn't that hard actually but you do have the risk of causing damage to your phone Smiley Sad
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by: andylamb
on: 02/09/2011 | 09:47

I'm not a Gevey SIM user myself so I can't comment from experience. I just did a bit of research and that's what came up. 


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