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Started by: hughtaylor
On: 11/01/2014 | 11:21
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by: dmg
on: 11/01/2014 | 12:34
The staff can only be contacted via the agent link, but if you are sending. 80 then should not be a problem.
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by: nigel188
on: 12/01/2014 | 00:51
I have sent over 300 in a day :-)
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by: windoze9t8
on: 12/01/2014 | 01:09 edited: 12/01/2014 | 01:13

Some handsets may have a recipient limit - so you may have to send them in batches or check the limitations set by the phone manufacture 








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by: richardski
on: 12/01/2014 | 01:11

@riiceball wrote:
It's unlimited.
Just make sure they are not to long, long texts will count as a mms which will cost you 16p per message.

Standard SMS programs will break up messages over 160 chars into multiple SMS, upto a max of 3 as far as I recall, which are then accounted fro as individual SMSes.


You need an application that will turn text messages into MMS and sent it as such to incur MMS charges.




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