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Started by: shuzzy91
On: 14/08/2011 | 18:47
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by: cherrycoke1983
on: 14/08/2011 | 19:54

what mesaage didyou get

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by: socks_uk
on: 14/08/2011 | 20:12

@cherrycoke1983 wrote:

what mesaage didyou get

Well, I just tried again so I could tell you what it said but a different message has now come up.



ooops... seems like we've got gremlins

Your transaction has failed unexpectedly.

You can go back and retry. If the problem persists please ask an agent for help.

Cheers for your patience.

The giffgaff team


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by: shuzzy91
on: 15/08/2011 | 00:44

yeah thats the message that came up but they still took my credit

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