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Tethering on Unlimited Data Plans

Started by: scedwar
On: 28/02/2013 | 13:00
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by: scedwar
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:00

It seems like the only goodybag where tethering is allowed is the £10/month with 1GB data.


I can understand the reasons for disabling tethering on unlimited data plans, but would it not be possible to introduce a goody bag with capped data but with more minutes. For example I would be happy with the £20/month goodybag if the data plan was capped at, say 2GB, but tethering was allowed. Even 1GB would probably suffice (although I have once exceeded this amount in a month). I don't use tethering very often, but it can be a lifesaver to get out of a no coverage situation with the laptop sometimes.


Would giff gaff consider introducing data caps to the goody bags to then allow tethering? 

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by: flaxvert
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:02

What a lot of us do is run a £12 goodubag for normal internet and a gigabag for tethering.

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by: mary_r_t
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:03

I don't think giffgaff want to make any more changes just now. There are often Ideas for new goodybag and the answer is always that giffgaff don't want to overcomplicate things - especially if the use of the plan wasn't going to be very high.

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by: paulypaul
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:04
you can use gigabag for tethering
also good idea
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by: ibyyy_p
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:04
No!! That is not fair on others who dont tether yet use alot of data...for people who want to tether, the gigabags are available
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by: steeeb
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:05

This has been much discussed before the "Tablet" plans (which allow tethering) were introduced. All non-tablet plans aren't allowed to tether (Even the £10 goodybag).


I think GiffGaff have to pay for data used - so allowing unlimited data with tethering would in a lot of cases end up costing them money - which isn't good business sense.


I can't see this changing any time soon. When I need to tether, or use a dongle if my internet goes down I simply buy one of the Tablet goodybags on my 2nd SIM. There plan works out better than most of "dongle" or "tablet" plans. I don't think any offer unlimited? If they do they have strict usage plans in any case.

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by: markb1j
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:10

I just tie the front 2 legs together when tethering Smiley Tongue

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by: mememememememememe
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:28
I also think a range of data options on the goodybags is a good idea. 2 or 3gig a month for me to use as I whish would be ideal for me.
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by: aminulhussain
on: 28/02/2013 | 13:29
Post this idea in the innovation section in the community. Although it is a great idea
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