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Text Messages to Cubacel Mobile

Started by: kpetley1
On: 26/03/2012 | 19:06
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by: kpetley1
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:06

Up until Saturday 24th March I was able to send texts to our friends in Cuba, suddenly they have not been getting through although they are sent successfully from the UK.  Any ideas anyone Many thanks

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by: rihaz
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:12
wat day was this becoz gg had problems certain days
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by: bertiebat
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:18
There maybe a network problem in Cuba which is causing them not to be recieved.
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by: rangie
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:20
Without getting into political debate suggest problems lies with network over there.
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by: shamzygstar
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:21

giffgaff had problems on certain days, it might have been one of them days...

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by: aaabzx3
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:21
there were some problems with texting for some people few days ago
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by: badaboom
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:36

there is currently a network problem, it should be fixed in a few days

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by: jahed_93
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:37

it is probably due to a network problem

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by: jubzdaking
on: 26/03/2012 | 19:37

yes it should be working now as giffgaff had problem for couple of days

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