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Text messages still showing old number

Started by: zippbmth1
On: 08/11/2011 | 21:00
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by: zippbmth1
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:00
I have successfully transferred my old number over to giffgaff - I have an iphone 3GS. However when I send text messages it is sent with the old number. Have I forgotten to change something?
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by: ari_morris
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:01

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by: valerij
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:01
if you transfered old number then surely you want the old number to appear?
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by: yakhtar
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:01

You need to go on settigns -> Phone and then change your number


once changed restart your phone

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by: valerij
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:01
settings have nothing to do with texts. Why do people suddenly start posting settings?
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by: azizulhaque
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:01 edited: 08/11/2011 | 21:03

Looks like either the port was incomplete.. Or i think you need to save your number in contacts..


EDIT: If you ported the old number over obviously you wanted that one.. Your question is unclear..

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by: northernnoel
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:02
I'm guessing that this is using iMessage so yes you need to change it manually.
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by: sydbrazil1
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:03
If you transferred old number, the old mobile number is going to show when you text.

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by: fruitcake1
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:11
Look at the settings on giffgaffs Help Page should solve your problems.
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by: zippbmth1
on: 08/11/2011 | 21:24
Sorry - the original sim number shows on the phones that receive my text messages. When I call another phone it shows my ported in number.
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