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Text 'settings' to '2020' does NOT work!

Started by: squirell1986
On: 25/06/2012 | 17:46
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by: squirell1986
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:46

ive tried countless times to text settings to 2020, the text sends but i dont get a reply at all. I used to get a text before but now i just dont receive anything.


the phone im trying to get settings on is a samsung wave s5250. i cant use wi-fi as there are no wireless connections to connect to, ive tried entering the settings manually and they dont work either.  it just wont connect at all.


help would be appreciated



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by: morvin
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:47
Restart the phone after inserting the settings
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by: bengalknights
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:47
Install giffgaff apn app from market
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by: wman2
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:47
Go to the Samsung website and send the settings for O2 UK to your giffgaff number. Then edit them to work on giffgaff.

For the WAP settings you should only need to change the APN to, the user name (login ID) to giffgaff, and the password to password. For MMS, also change the server and/or the MMSC to You can change the profile names by replacing O2 with giffgaff too, if you want to.

Remember that if you want to use any web-enabled applications or games on the handset, you'll need to change their settings to use the giffgaff WAP profile.

Good luck!
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by: squirell1986
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:48
tried and failed, nothing seems to work
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by: stealthybigboss2
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:48
have you restarted?
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by: murray96
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:48
Yes this has happened to me, if you enter it manually it will work. Normally the:
apn is
username is giffgaff
password is password
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by: danielcasson
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:48

just re start  the phone  that should help

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by: squirell1986
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:49

thanks wman2 ill give that a try

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by: matthewnoon
on: 25/06/2012 | 17:49
It doesn't work on mine either. It does work for a lot of phone, then again, it doesn't on loads either
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