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The cost to text an O2 number abroad?

Started by: pixelmonkey
On: 30/05/2013 | 08:31
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by: pixelmonkey
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:31
I'm reading a lot of conflicting information on this topic Smiley Sad Please could someone tell me how much it is to text a UK number currently in Spain. I have a £15 goodybag and no additional credit. My texts are getting through, are they just comg out of my goodybag allowance or will I be charged for them at a later date? Sorry I'm new to giffgaff!
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by: weeman
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:32

Nothing it will use your free texts.



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by: michaelhuk82
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:32

The person you text is being charged. 

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by: princess_nadia
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:33
yh its free
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by: bea3
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:33 edited: 30/05/2013 | 08:37

Its free it comes out your goodybag allowance

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by: weeman
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:33

michaelhuk82 wrote:

The person you text is being charged. 

No they wont get charged mate,as receiving texts is free.Smiley Wink



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by: kevgaxx
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:34
If you are in the UK then contacting a UK mobile abroad is just like a normal call or text for you ( ie same as them being in the UK ). You use goodybag minutes/texts, free gg to gg or PAYG - whatever you normally use.

The other person is liable to pay the roaming rate for making and receiving calls.

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by: weeman
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:35

bea3 wrote:

You should be chrged at 8p per text. Are you sure that the person that you're texting is not on giffgaff

It will be taken from the OP's text allowance mate as it's a uk number.



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by: dalan
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:36
To text a uk registered number is free if you have a gb, anywhere in the world.
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by: ste4444
on: 30/05/2013 | 08:36
if you have no credit and was doing something chargeable it just would not go through. gg can't charge at a later date.
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