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The ultimate giffgaff review 2013

Started by: rob0giff
On: 15/11/2013 | 16:08
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by: rob0giff
on: 15/11/2013 | 16:08

Hi all


I have just read this review and found it absolutely brilliant. It would seem to provide potential new users and everyone with just what I have been discussing with another giffgaffer privately, This "shouting from the rooftop" is precisely the point I was making in creating awareness of the virtues of giffgaff to all and sundry!


Now: How about including a summary of the key points of this review within the SIM folder. perhaps replacing some of the existing material which doesn't convey much impact, Let's give it the publicity it deserves Cat Very Happy


What do you think?



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by: falsetruth
on: 15/11/2013 | 16:47
thanks for the link mate. cheers
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by: uggy46
on: 15/11/2013 | 16:58
Not too sure about this bit though

"Giffgaff also works out of the box on O2 and Tesco Mobile phones as they all use the same network."

I thought Tesco were double locked
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by: rob0giff
on: 24/11/2013 | 21:14

Thanks for the link. It enables an easier way of sending the review to potential giffgaffers!!

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