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Time for a top up to become active

Started by: quiet91
On: 29/04/2015 | 21:57
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by: quiet91
on: 29/04/2015 | 21:57

How long does it take for a top up to become active? My Order history says 'Order delivered' but My Balance page says 'We are processing your goodybag ' I topped up an hour ago. Thanks

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by: miaoxian1
on: 29/04/2015 | 21:58
Hi it should be within half hour
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by: davejybandit
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:00

It'll be done try logging out of your account, then logging back in, your goodybag should then be showing. In any case you should be able to use your phone.

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by: mathew40
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:01
Hi there @quiet91
Please try logging out of your account, and log back into your account again, and see if that helps.
Please also dial *100* 7# to check your remaining goodybag allowance.
As your problem is account related, you'll need to speak to a giffgaff agent here

Please remember to give as much information as you can, regarding your issue.
If for some reason you have any problems filling out the form to try and contact a giffgaff agent,and can't find the correct category, simply click onto the link below and In the drop down box,choose 30,and simply put as much information regarding your issue,in the box provided.
Please also remember that a response may take up to 24 hrs during busy periods, but should be quicker in most cases.
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by: richardli
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:03
You can try dialling *100*7# to confirm your goodybag status.
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by: jojobarker
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:04
Log out then back in. That should work 😃
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by: suzyevs
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:05
Top ups and goodybag purchases should be almost instant.
Raise a case with the agents and tell them whats happened.
If you have problems, try a different browser, ie Chrome, Firefox. Or use the link below,

And choose 30 in the drop down box. And then write the specific nature of your issue in the text box provided.

They can take up to 24 hours to reply.
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by: klccklcc
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:06
can take upto 24hr
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by: mba_263
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:08
It may just be updating have you tried to use the phone or got the balance directly from the phones short code
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by: quiet91
on: 29/04/2015 | 22:26

Oh no! I have just realised that I have accidentally bought a Gigabag instead of a Goodybag. I also made it an automatic top up. I have no idea what to do now?


Thank you for your help so far


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