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Top up expired

Started by: amberina
On: 06/08/2015 | 19:09
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by: amberina
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:09
Is there anyway i can get my money back?
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by: amarh97
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:10
I doubt it
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by: pawelm4778
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:11
Airtime Credits never expires until your sim is active only Goodybag expires after 30 days.
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by: psl184
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:11
It doesn't ever expire.
It only ever gets used, unless you let your sim go inactive?
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by: fadyyasin
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:12

In a giffgaff sim top up do not expire instead a goodybag could be expire after a month ...and it cannot be refund
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by: johnferris
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:12
Hi, top up doesn't expire only goodybags do.
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by: mizan337
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:12
Speak to an agent
Agents can take upto 24 hours to reply to you
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by: baba03
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:13
Hi @amberina

Airtime credit never expires on the account only when you make use of it. How long has it been since you used the giffgaff SIM? To keep your giffgaff sim active you'll need to do at least one of the following once every six months:

1. Make a least one call, SMS or MMS to another number (for technical reasons, emergency calls (i.e. 999/112) and SMSes/calls to giffgaff services (i.e. 2020, 43430) do not apply)

2. Make at least one connection to the internet

3. Recieve at least 4 calls of more than 10 seconds

4. Make a least one topup/purchase (credit or goodybag)

5. Receive Payback points (for recruiting new members or participating in the community)
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by: amberina
on: 06/08/2015 | 19:25
It's a top up voucher i bought from the post office.
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