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Top up giff gaff sim card

Started by: joshyoung123
On: 24/09/2013 | 18:35
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by: joshyoung123
on: 24/09/2013 | 18:35
Hello iv got a sim card in my other phone how do i top that up? Can i top it up?
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by: allan1954
on: 24/09/2013 | 18:37
buy a o2 voucher dial 43430 on your phone and welcome to gg.
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by: endorphin
on: 24/09/2013 | 18:37
Topup/payment options:

To topup another phone using a voucher, dial 0844 879 4180. You will be asked for the giffgaff phone number you want to top-up and your top-up voucher code.

To topup another phone using a payment card, logon to my giffgaff and go here
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by: sloz
on: 24/09/2013 | 18:39
Is the SIM card already activated?
You can top up another giffgaff sim from your own account/phone
By debit card here

Or by voucher calling

Or do you mean you want to activate/top up the other sim?
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by: nosherfj
on: 24/09/2013 | 18:42

topup any giffgaff sim by entering it's mobile number here (minimum amount £10)

Click here
to request a giffgaff SIM with £5 FREE credit.
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by: xxcrazyxx
on: 24/09/2013 | 18:42

yes you can top it up either on line from the gg website or you can get a voucher its up to you how you top it up

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