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Top up my phone and now it's saying I have no credit

Started by: ganjybird
On: 27/09/2013 | 22:32
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by: ganjybird
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:32
Plz help I topped up my phone it said top up compleat but it's not showing up on my account how do I get my credit on my phone or have I just lost £15
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by: lpsetterfield
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:33



How are you?


You are best contacting an agent on the link below:


Hope you get it sorted. It can take up to 24 hours to get a reply.



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by: imran27
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:34
Giffgaff has had some issues today
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by: ganjybird
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:35
I tryed this it keeps saying paste error report but I didn't get one
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by: mykiel78
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:36
What does it say when you dial *100# for balance from your phone?

Also double check your payment history to see whether what you ordered was delivered.

Giffgaff had network issues today so that may be the cause.
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by: glesgajohn
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:37

check ur payment history (my giffgaff)

if its went thro it will tell u there

its probably just waiting to update bcause all prob GG,s had today

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by: zakglynn2010
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:40
I am having the same problem
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by: sajsexy
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:41
Dial *100# to check your balance. I would recommend for you to wait untill the gg issue gets resolved so u get a cleare picture of what's happening with your credit
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by: ganjybird
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:48
It just saying my balance is 0.00 nothing at all but when I rang 43430 to top up it said top up compleat and my balance was £15 then it was gone
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by: ganjybird
on: 27/09/2013 | 22:53
I just checked my payment history it saying that I toped up today and it was delivered Today but still no credit
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