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Top up voucher

Started by: gstevens91
On: 05/11/2013 | 20:45
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by: gstevens91
on: 05/11/2013 | 20:45
Hey it is currently saying my top up vouchers is unavailable is there a network problem or is this something else.
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by: amir667
on: 05/11/2013 | 20:47
Hi gstevens, and welcome to the giffgaff community,

currently issues with giffgaff see here
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by: giffgaff_1
on: 05/11/2013 | 20:47
sorry theres a problem with top ups just now.
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by: gstevens91
on: 05/11/2013 | 20:48
This link days invalid
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by: member444
on: 05/11/2013 | 20:52

Try emptying your cache and clearing all cookies then login to your account again and the balance should be showing and the top-up with the voucher should've gone through.


I just had the same problem, did the above and everything was sorted in just a few seconds Smiley Happy good luck

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by: paulwhite92
on: 05/11/2013 | 20:55

there are system problems at the minute

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by: gstevens91
on: 05/11/2013 | 20:56
Thanks for that!
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