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Started by: ellag92
On: 21/04/2018 | 12:12
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by: ellag92
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:12


I need to top up my goodybag but I can’t because it seems that my sim wasn’t activate, but it’s not true as I used it till yesterday, please help me !!! 

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by: saima03
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:16
Hi @ellag92
I suggest you start by clearing your browser cache and history or use another browser agent e.g Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc and then try again.

Still no joy? then are you sure your logged into the correct account? To confirm please text the word NAME to 43430 and then within a couple of minutes you will receive a text message with the correct username.
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by: avid_fan
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:16

Are you sure you logged into the right account @ellag92

→if you can't you see your number on the My giffgaff page, or recent transactions in your order history, you're probably in the wrong account

To find the correct log in name (if you have forgotten it or are not quite sure ) ... text the word - MEMBERNAME - to 43430

You'll receive a text reply with the correct userame in about a minute

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by: samueltaylor59
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:23



Insert your sim into another phone also check if you can see signal available on top screen.

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