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Started by: deisekid
On: 09/04/2014 | 07:54
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by: deisekid
on: 09/04/2014 | 07:54
I topped up this morning but it will not let me get on the internet
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by: natty88
on: 09/04/2014 | 07:55
Try texting the word settings to 2020 also have you bought your goodybag to save money
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by: ann2020
on: 09/04/2014 | 07:56
try texting settings to 2020 or see one off these links depending on which mobile you have

Manual -
Android -
Jellybean -
BlackBerry -
I phone -
I phone4/4s -
I phone5 -
Nokia lumia -
I phone ios7 -
Nexus -
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by: smiler667
on: 09/04/2014 | 07:57
Hi @deisekid

Ensure you have the correct apn settings, as you will need these settings to
set-up your phone before you can use the internet or MMS with the giffgaff network.
To get the settings please follow the link below to the settings guide to manually input your settings for your mobile, the guide contains settings for the most the most popular handsets e.g. iphones, blackberry's , Android & Windows.
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by: furacrazy
on: 09/04/2014 | 07:57
Hi, you need the correct data settings.
Please try putting data settings into your phone manually:

Username: giffgaff
Password: password
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by: sjd75
on: 09/04/2014 | 07:58
Is your sim fully activated..also have you the correct giffgaff apn settings
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by: goonerforever
on: 09/04/2014 | 08:46

You need to text Settings to 2020, whereby you will receive a text message woth the option to install the multimedia and internet settings. Click on Install and straightaway you will be able to access the web.

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by: bozenkas
on: 09/04/2014 | 09:56

did you get goodybag for existing credit?

Buying a goodybag from existing credit

did you installed giffgaff settings for internet and MMS?

Solved! Go to Solution. Please give me Kudos if I have helped you out

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by: alirpe
on: 09/04/2014 | 10:01



The reason why your Internet isn't working might be because your APN settings haven't been set up yet. This means you need to go to change/introduce several things on your phone's settings to get access to the Internet.

Here there is a link with all the settings and how to set them up, depending on your phone brand.


I hope this helped you!

Have a good day Smiley Happy

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