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Transfer O2 number with no PAC code

Started by: alyamani
On: 10/03/2012 | 02:13
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by: alyamani
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:13

This may sound a little silly, but it is bothering me.


I have an old O2 number which I'd love to keep and transfer to GG, the problem is that I have purchased the SIM from our local corner shop. I've not registered it with O2 despite being their customer for a long time and topping up monthly to keep my Pay As You Go (Bolt-On) plan.


1 - Is it possible to transfer my O2 number to GG without the PAC code?


2 - What would be the easiest way to transfer my O2 number to GG ?


Thanks for any help,



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by: brulaw
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:15 edited: 10/03/2012 | 02:16

Simply cant be done without a PAC code . 

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by: kwleung0616
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:15 edited: 10/03/2012 | 02:20
I'm afraid you still need a PAC code from O2 to transfer your number over to giffgaff. See here for porting instructions.
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by: sc12345
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:18
no u will defp need a pac code i dont think there is any other way
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by: bonusball
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:18 edited: 10/03/2012 | 02:19

Just register the sim then ask for the pac code.

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:19
but make sure sims registered with 02 furst dont wanna lose it before youve ported it
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by: aijay2010_a
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:25

To port your number from any network to another, you would need the PAC code. The same is the case for transferring from O2 to giffgaff. I would suggest that you create an account over internet and register your sim. You can then call O2's customer service and request a PAC code.

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by: rulandas
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:42
All you need to to is to register your number with o2 on Then call them 4445 (£0.25 per min) and ask for PAC so you can port your number in. Then once you get GiffGaff sim and activate it. It will be pretty straight forward once you log in. If you need a sim click here
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by: zippygeorgebungle
on: 10/03/2012 | 02:44
all o2 will ask you if not registered is when you last top up, by what amount, name a few numbers you have called from the phone etc they will ask you some questions to confirm you are the owner of that number.
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