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Transferred my number 2 days ago but no one can ring me !!help

Started by: brikidd
On: 12/08/2016 | 20:36
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by: brikidd
on: 12/08/2016 | 20:36

Hi moved to giff gaff on Wednesday I can text and also do outgoing calls although my number is private on screen but unable to receive in coming calls please help!!

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by: persco
on: 12/08/2016 | 20:39
Hi @brikidd Sounds like a split or incomplete port.

Sorry. Please contact an agent to investigate this for you here

They will respond within 24hrs.

Check for reply from agents using link below
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by: keelanginge
on: 12/08/2016 | 20:39
Hello @brikidd

Check to see if there are any network outages in the area you are in:

If the network is fine then try turning your phone off, waiting 5 mins and turn it back on,

If still no joy, try doing a manual roam to see if that helps

furthermore try turning air-plane/flight mode on and then back off.

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by: saima03
on: 12/08/2016 | 20:46
Hi @brikidd

Sounds like sometime might have gone wrong during the number transfer process. I suggest you raise this with a agent to investigate. An agent can be contacted by following this link ,Please be aware that agents generally reply within 24 hours of you sending your message.

You can find when an agent has replied in the "Messages From Agents" box that is located on your "My Giffgaff" page or you can access the page by following this link
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by: giffer23
on: 12/08/2016 | 20:49

Please switch the phone off for 5 minutes, then after restart switch the airplane mode on and off. This should work for you. Good luck Smiley Happy 

In case nothing works please use help section to contact an agent. 


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by: neuaddwen
on: 12/08/2016 | 20:51
U need to contact an agent. They are only ones who can help you
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by: topcop
on: 12/08/2016 | 20:54
I would suggest turning your phone off and on after approximately 5 minutes. Also turn off your iMessages and turn it back on after a few minutes and restart the phone again. See if that helps.

Failing that you will need to contact an agent.
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by: nemos10
on: 12/08/2016 | 21:36
Hey, it's probably just some issue with giffgaff. Wait it out via its only been two days. You'll be alight hopefully. If it persists, contact and agent. Here's the link for ya;

Hope I helped and thanks for the time
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