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Transferring my number from o2 to giffgaff

Started by: teganweeaton
On: 09/06/2012 | 11:15
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by: teganweeaton
on: 09/06/2012 | 11:15

On wednesday i got my PAC code from o2 to transfer my number i used it and giffgaff then sent me an email saying that it was 'porting' but it has been 3 days now and my number still hasn't transferred. i can use the sim if i turn on my phone but it is not my original number it is the number i got with the new giffgaff sim. please help! i don't know what has went wrong i have paided for a goodybag and can't use it yet Smiley Sad

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by: rjh71
on: 09/06/2012 | 11:16
The transfer normally takes up to one working day, and will usually have been completed by 9pm, however, it's highly likely there will be significant disruption to both your old and new connections during that time, so it's a good idea to make alternative contact arrangements until the port is complete. Ideally, you'll need to get your transfer request in before 3pm on the day before you want the transfer to take place.

Messages from Agents regarding your transfer will appear in the messages section of your My GiffGaff page. In some cases, you will also receive a message from your old network letting you know they've carried out their part of the transfer. There's a guide for this at

If your handset is not working normally by 9pm on the confirmed day of the transfer, you should contact an Agent at making sure you tell them:

i) Your old number
ii) Your current GiffGaff number
iii) At least one alternative contact number
iv) The PAC from your old network
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by: dugblare
on: 09/06/2012 | 11:16

If you are still having difficulties  then click on 'submit a private question link below and be sure to include the following information:

• Existing mobile number
• New mobile number
• Alternative contact number
• PAC code

Ask an Agent Here


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by: endorphin
on: 09/06/2012 | 11:17
Are you able to make and receive calls with the gg number ?

What number does it show on your giffgaff homepage?
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by: cpc464
on: 09/06/2012 | 11:17
I know there have been problems but I would definitely contact an agent
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by: hussainx
on: 09/06/2012 | 11:19
ask an agent when they expect the trasnfer will be complete
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by: pad4
on: 09/06/2012 | 11:20
You should contact the agents to look into this for you
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by: mollycat13
on: 09/06/2012 | 12:16

When you filled in the form with your PAC code, what date did you choose as your transfer date?


What day and rough time did you fill the form? reason I ask is if it was after 3pm, you cannot have a next day transfer.


Did you get a reply from an agent confirming that your port would happen on your chosen date? check here


Have you lost service on your O2 sim card yet?

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