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Trying to activate - won't get past entering details...

Started by: xx_louise_xx
On: 14/08/2011 | 18:03
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by: xx_louise_xx
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:03

My bf recently joined giffgaff and recommended I do the same.


So I'm trying to activate my sim card and after i enter in the 6 digit number it asks for my personal details which I enter, then one of two things happens, I click on "continue to top up", it will either just refresh back to the details page with my details still entered, or it will say unable to activate sim at the moment, please try later.

I wouldn;t mind so much but this has been going on since Saturday morning, needless to say I am not impressed and if this is the shape of things to come then perhaps I have made a mistake cancelling my contract.....


Can someone please advise me whats going on here because it's really frustrating and ideally I'd like to get it sorted before the working week starts so I'm not having to carry around 2 phones.



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by: gawright
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:04
Try entering the long SIM serial number instead

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by: mrhodes18
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:04

you need to get an o2 topup voucher or airtime through a card payment. Topping up is part of the actiation process. Minimum topup is £10 i think.



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by: xan
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:04
Hi louise, giffgaff is experiencing problems at the moment especially for activation. Agents are currently working on this issue please be patient and try later or better still tomorrow. 
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by: hamzee211
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:05
This doesn't happen normally the best thing to do is to go to my giffgaff and contact an agent and possible wait for a reply and see what they say!
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by: usmanozzy786
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:05
Do you top up when your activating the sim.
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by: sophielambert
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:06

There seem to be activation problems in general today, I've just read loads of posts from people talking about similar problems. 


Probably by a bit slow to be fixed today as it is sunday, I would try again tomorrow. 


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by: booyar
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:06
I'd try clearing browser cache or trying another browser, chrome/ firefox etc

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by: pitney
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:07
Try entering the long number first
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by: ijintheuk
on: 14/08/2011 | 18:09

I have been trying to join for about a week now and the same problem is occuring. This is actually putting me off Giff Gaff as I now have to top up with my current network provider as I ran out of credit waiting to join giff gaff!

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