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Trying to leave giffgaff

Started by: bondoggie
On: 08/02/2018 | 11:01
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by: bondoggie
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:01

Trying to leave giffgaff as got a contract phone with o2. Submitted my PAC code to o2 6 days ago and they're saying giffgaff won't let me leave?? I'm desperate to keep my number but o2 say they can't do it as giffgaff have no customer services?? Help, am absolutely raging. I really am at the end of my tether I've been on phone to 02 every day for the past 6 days.

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by: danhamman
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:01

Giffgaff are letting you leave by giving you the PAC



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by: rqt
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:04

Once you  have given O2 a valid PAC then all further aspects of the transfer are O2's responsibility. If they're not doing the job you might want to re-consider your contract.

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by: rebelyell
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:05
If you got a PAC code from giffgaff then normally once the rival network uses the code that's it. O2 should be able to take care of things from there. If the code is incorrect for some rain then you can contact an agent to find out if there's a problem with your PAC code.

You can contact an agent by sending a message from this link:
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by: bondoggie
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:07
o2 have said I have to contact giffgaff they won't tell me what to ask for they just said they can't contact giffgaff
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by: endorphin
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:08

Hi @bondoggie I haven't heard of anyone not being allowed to transfer our before. Check that you gave O2 the correct PAC (which should consist of 3 letters followed by 6 digits).


Otherwise you can try asking an agent to investigate using this form


Agents reply within 4 hours in the majority of cases but can take up to 24 hours, in the worst case, to reply (but they do work 7 days a week from 8am to 11pm). You will see when an agent has replied in the "Messages: From Agents" box which is half way down the right hand side of your "My Giffgaff" page or go here


NOTE that it is the network your transfer to that drives the number transfer process. The fact that giffgaff doesn't have a call centre is irrelevant as the process is mostly automated.


Good Luck!


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by: rqt
on: 08/02/2018 | 11:10

giffgaff is owned by Telefonica UK - which trades as O2. While giffgaff do not have a phone for customer's to use I'm pretty sure there will be a number that O2 staff can use if they can be bothered.

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