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Trying to unlock the Adult privacy settings - can an Agent help please?

Started by: justinjhutch
On: 24/12/2011 | 21:42
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by: justinjhutch
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:42



New to Giff-Gaaf been using for about 3 weeks but I am unable to Unlock the Adult setting. I am over 18yers old. I have used my Passport number and driving license but each time comes up with an error - (Gremlins icon). Can anyone help when they get a chance?


Many thanks



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by: ts
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:43
go to an o2 shop with ID and they'll remove it for you
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by: aimvpr
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:43
Go into your local o2 store with your passport and dlicence and they can unlock it from there.
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by: sidbrazil
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:44
Go into an 02 local shop, with an I'd & they'll remove it for you.
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by: voodoomama
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:44

take some ID with you to an O2 shop and they can take the pver 18 bar off for you

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by: liamwli
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:46
Go to any oxygen network shop, and they'll remove it. Don't mention giffgaff though.
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:46
do it again this time do it all in lower case and do it thru a diff browser and clear ure browsing history and try again if it dosen't wrk u will need 2 go 2 an o2 shop with id and they'll do it for u it only takes 2 mins but don't say ure with gg i hope this helps merry xmas
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by: solid247
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:49
Report ur link to a agent as broken and if thats not working contact a educator
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by: kabzzzygg
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:49
Just go to a o2 phone shop with ID they will take it off for you in seconds or ask the gg agent to take the 18+ content which will take around 2-3 days Smiley Happy
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by: mba_263
on: 24/12/2011 | 21:53
go to an o2 shop best way
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