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USIM locked!

Started by: paygeee
On: 23/09/2010 | 21:42
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by: paygeee
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:42

I have activated my sim and put a £10 goody bag on but my phone is saying USIM locked.  Any ideas what to do?



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by: reddwarf
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:43 edited: 23/09/2010 | 21:44

I think your mobile is locked. You need to unlock it. You could get it done at the local market stall.

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by: alex_h
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:47

You need to make sure that your phone is unlocked or locked to o2. If not you can easily go to your local market get it unlocked there Smiley Very Happy


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by: free_bee
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:47 edited: 23/09/2010 | 21:49

What make and model of handset do you have? Is it an LG?


Which network did you previously use?

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by: duncan0506
on: 23/09/2010 | 22:02

sellers on eBay can provide you with a unlocking code for your phone, there are quite a few 'shops' on ebay that offer this service. Saves you a trip to the shops...

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by: sun
on: 04/02/2011 | 21:07

I have a simar problem, "USIM LOCKED" appears on the phone when i turn it on with the giffgaff sim in. Mine is an LG. Anyone got any ideas anyone??

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by: george96
on: 04/02/2011 | 21:16

Look around for a unlock. Best to try the place where the phone is locked too. Or try online etc. You just need a code to unlock it.

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by: trekmatt
on: 04/02/2011 | 21:27
Does sound like your phone is locked, I had a similar thing when I changed from virgin, check eBay is my advice Smiley Happy
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by: sun
on: 05/02/2011 | 17:13

Thanks! Got it unlocked today for a tenner. is that a good price do you reckon?

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by: johnnylager
on: 05/02/2011 | 17:14


sun wrote:

Thanks! Got it unlocked today for a tenner. is that a good price do you reckon?

i'd be happy to pay a tenner to get a phone unlocked Smiley Happy


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