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Unlimited data

Started by: dean6282
On: 17/03/2018 | 10:49
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by: dean6282
on: 17/03/2018 | 10:49

Can anyone tell me if the goodybag you buy for £20 is really unlimited and can i use my hotspot with it

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by: lynda1962
on: 17/03/2018 | 10:51

@dean6282, hi there,  giffgaff don't do unlimited data you have always on data take a look 👇 


Your first 9GB of data can be used at full 4G speeds and can be used to tether.After the first 9GB of data usage, you will get an unlimited data allowance at reduced speed (384kbps) from 8am to midnight (you get full speed data between midnight and 8am).

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by: bengalknights
on: 17/03/2018 | 10:51
Hello you can tether upto 9gb
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by: littlechris1989
on: 17/03/2018 | 10:52 edited: 17/03/2018 | 10:55

Hi @dean6282,


Yes you can use your phone as a hotspot with the goodybag.

There is no limit; there used to be, but not any more.

GiffGaff's 'Always On' data deal gives 9GB of UK data usage per month at the fastest available speed (up to and including LTE/4G), with tethering (attaching another device such as a laptop or tablet) allowed. An amount of 9GB is roughly triple the bandwidth an average person would use over the course of a month, and almost double the 5GB a person categorised as a 'heavy user' might need.

It's important to note that, once the 9GB of data has been used, GiffGaff's Traffic Flow policy will apply for the remainder of the GoodyBag's duration, and members will experience a reduced data speed which could be as low as 384kbps during the day (from 0800hrs to midnight), however, after midnight (until 0759hrs) members will have a data allowance at full speed.

When the Traffic Flow policy is applied to your GoodyBag, you will receive a text informing you of the fact. If you require all data usage to be at full speed at all times, you can opt to purchase a new GoodyBag (or start your next queued one) to replace the existing one.

You can find full details of GiffGaff's 'Always On' data deal at

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