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Unlock 3 HTC desire

Started by: ivpz
On: 14/08/2011 | 23:04
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by: ivpz
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:04

I'm trying to convince a friend to switch over from 3 once her contract expires in about a month time. However, her HTC desire is locked to the 3 network. After googling around, I have found ways to unlock it without paying the £20 or so to ask 3 to unlock it.


I just want to know if anyone has done this before? And did they experience any problem with the unlocking and if the unlock phone works fine with giffgaff? Thank you.

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by: allwyn
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:06

Personally, I would get it unlocked proffesionally, I know its £20 or so but it gets the job done. Unlocked phones work fine on Giffgaff! And since Giffgaff runs on the O2 network, you know you'll get good coverage. 

Good luck with it all. Tell us how it goes. Smiley Happy

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by: voodoomama
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:06

If the phone is unlocked, no reason for GG sim to not work

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by: tishg
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:15
My daughter uses an unlocked HTC Hero on gg with no problems, if that helps.
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by: ivpz
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:22

Well, as a "poor" student, not sure if she is willing to spend that £20 unless I can do it for her free. So sharing the experience with unlocking 3 HTC desire is appreciated.

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by: amar_khan
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:55

you might be able to unlock it by flashing it with unlocked android rom. Sorry can't post link but quick search on google will point to right direction.
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by: phil8715
on: 14/08/2011 | 23:58

If you get it unlocked by 3 it will cost her £15. Any other place such as online would cost a lot more. You could try taking it down to your local market and see what price they quote. It will probably be around £15. 

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by: jazzygirl
on: 15/08/2011 | 00:01
get it done properly, it only cost a tenner , has done for about 5 or more years, if your paying £20 then your getting ripped of Smiley Happy
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