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Unlocking iphone4

Started by: thebill1
On: 28/10/2012 | 17:18
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by: thebill1
on: 28/10/2012 | 17:18
Hi I have a iPhone 4 on orange and want to move to giffgaff, anyone know how to unlock it?
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by: gaffout
on: 28/10/2012 | 17:19
Depending on your software jailbreaks might not work.

Your best bet is to contact orange.

They will charge you £20 and it could take up to 3-4 weeks ( mine took 3 exactly)

Once done it will
Be completely
Unlocked to ALL networks
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by: dannyd18
on: 28/10/2012 | 17:19
Unlocking phone
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by: dalan
on: 28/10/2012 | 17:19
The best way is to get it from orange. Or tske it to your local phone repaire shop.
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by: amir667
on: 28/10/2012 | 17:20
Follow link To unlock guide
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by: mfish
on: 28/10/2012 | 17:20
its worth asking orange how much they charge
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by: naf3
on: 28/10/2012 | 17:21
Please see this guide for information on unlocking your iPhone:

You can either go to your phone provider 'Orange' and ask them to unlock your iPhone for you. Or, you can take it to a local phone shop and get it unlocked.
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