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Urban Myths - The truth is out there! 30/03/2015

Started by: bertiebat
On: 13/01/2013 | 17:20
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by: bertiebat
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:20 edited: 30/03/2015 | 03:16




This thread resulted from a brilliant idea by a fellow giffgaffer mary_r_t with a thought to dispel some Urban Myths that float around the forums and post them with the actual truths.  So driven by Mary with many contributions from other giffgaffers on Mary's threads this thread has been posted.   You can add any further suggestions on Urban Myths here and they will be updated periodically also the top myth will be changed to keep it current.


Don't worry we all get things wrong sometimes so if you have been asked to read this thread it's simply to help the forums maintain accurate information and hopefully you will also learn some other helpful tips along the way. :smileyhappy:


Along with this list other authoritative sources of information can be found in the Knowledge Base ,useful quick links under the Help tab and of course the Terms & Conditions.  Please note when there are service issues of course some of the normal advice may not apply so remember to keep an eye on the Notice Board :smileywink:


Top current Myths:



Just one final point but are you sure that 'Ask an agent' is the best and most helpful advice? See if this helps


Is an agent needed?

Common problems that CANNOT be resolved by an agent:


    • Phone Setting issues.
    • Individual numbers cannot be barred by the agents.
    • Usernames cannot be changed by giffgaff. 
    • Accounts cannot be deleted from the system (they must stay on the system for audit purposes). Suggest that the user changes personal details,including payment cards details, if that's want they want to do..
    • Credit cannot be transferred to another account/SIM (though SIM swap can be used to transfer all details to another SIM).

Common problems that can be resolved without asking an agent.




    • Myth: Activation can take 48 hours

      Whilst the official information given on activation is that it can take up to 24 hours, it normally takes less than 30 mins. Activations that take longer than a few hours normally indicates a problem with the system in general (which usually generates a thread on the notice board) or a problem with the payment (which should be checked on the payment history to ensure that it has been delivered). After 24 hours the agents should be contacted.


    • Myth: Unactivated SIMs don't produce a signal

      The SIM should produce a signal even though the SIM hasn't been activated. This is so that people can test the reception/SIM before activating the SIM.  


    • Myth: Activations cannot be submitted after 10pm

      Activations can be submitted 24/7 (although SIM swaps aren't available between 9.30pm and 4.30am). 


    • Myth: Activations are suspended between 10pm and approx 6am

      Since February 2013 this has changed and the normal activation process now runs 24/7.


    • Myth: The registered date of the member is always the same as the activation date

      The registered date on the forums is created when accessing the forums and can be different to the activation date, so you can't assume if the date is the same as today that they haven't already been with giffgaff for a while.


Goodybags/Gigabags/Top ups

    • Myth: Goodybags/gigabags cannot be bought after 10pm/midnight/etc

      Goodybags/gigabags can normally be bought 24/7 except between approx 10pm and midnight on the expiry day of an existing goodybag/gigabag).


    • Myth: Top ups including Goodybags/Gigabags take 24 hours to process/activate

      Unless there is an issue with the payments system (either generally or on the account) they are most usually processed within mins at the most.


    • Myth: Gigabags can't be used in mobile phones

      Though designed to be used in non mobile devices they can be used in mobile phones.


    • Myth: Buying a goodybag/gigabag from existing credit extends the free gg to gg allowances

      The giffgaff to giffgaff allowances are only extended when new money is put on the account (either by purchasing a non queued gigabag/goodybag with a card, or having credit added to the to the account (including payback credit)).


    • Myth: The buying of a goodybag/gigabag will extent the free gg to gg allowance even if it is queued

      Even though a goodybag/gigabag is purchased/queued by Debit/Credit Card (new money), the free gg to gg allowance does not reset until the queued goodybag becomes active.

      To get the free allowance right away, credit should be added to the account first by card or voucher (resetting the gg allowance), and then queue a goodybag using that credit if required.


    • Myth: The fair use policy (FUP) on the unlimited internet goodybags is 1GB/hour or 3GB/day.

      There isn't a fair usage policy (it's truely unlimited for use within the T&Cs). A new tethering system has been implemented now and read more here

    • Myth: Once the gigagbag or limited data goodybag's data allowance has been used up then subsequent data is charged at normal PAYG prices (20p for up to 20mb and then 20p per mb daily charge)

      There is a special rate of 2p per mb after the inclusive allowance has been used until the goodybag/gigabag expires.  Please note that the gigabags also have an additional 50 mb free rated 'buffer' before the 2p per mb rate will be charged.


    • Myth:  The short code *100*7# also gives information about the data usage on the goodybag/gigabag.

      There isn't a short code for checking the data allowance and it's only displayed on the dashboard/My giffgaff page (as data allowance remaining).



    • Myth: It costs the UK rate to send an MMS from the UK, and the roaming rate to send whilst abroad.

      It costs the UK rate to send an MMS to another UK mobile from any country, to any country.

      It costs the international tariff rates to send an MMS to a non-UK mobile number from any country, to any country.

      All messages are free to receive (more information on how here: MMS Simply)


    • Myth: Calls and texts from the UK to a UK mobile abroad are charged at international rates.

      So long as it is a UK mobile then the normal UK rates/rules will apply (including free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and goodybag allowances).  The receiver however is liable to roaming charges.



    • Myth: Phone/APN settings have to be correct for calls and texts to work

      The phone/APN settings has no affect on the ability to makes calls or texts. For texts the message centre will normally be set automatically to +447802002606


    • Myth: Texting settings to 2020 can solve call and text issues.

      No this will have no effect on call or texting issues.







    • Myth: Unactivated SIMs don't produce a signal

      The SIM should produce a signal even though the SIM hasn't been activated.  This is so that people can test the reception/SIM before activating the SIM.


    • Myth: Unactivated SIMs expire (won't activate) after 6 months

      This has now been found to be a myth and the SIMs can be activated at any time and won't be deactivated/expired. However SIMs that are more than 6 months old cannot be used for SIM swap. Confirmation here


    • Myth: SIM swaps can be used once a replacement SIM has been requested

      Since there isn't an active account once the lost/stolen link has been used, it isn't possible to perform a SIM swap.


    • Myth: Replacement SIMs require an agent to remove the security bar.

      The SIM security bar should be removed during the replacement SIM activation process (this only rarely fails nowadays). However if the phone was also blocked then the phone block does have to be lifted by the agents.


    • Myth: A PUK2 code can be generated using the PUK generated link:

      PUK2 is when the PIN2 (default 6666) has been incorrectly entered and can only be requested from the agents. See more: here 


    • Myth: If the PUK code isn't working then the agents can help

      If the PUK code isn't working then a replacement SIM is required. See more here


    • Myth: The default PIN code is 6666 or 1234

      The default PIN code is 5555 (the code 6666 applies to the PIN2 code which isn't the same). See more here


Account Issues:


    • Myth: The agent can block incoming calls

      Unfortunately this isn't possible and though there is a call barring feature on the agents categories this only applies to barring all incoming or all outgoing, premium and international calls (not individual numbers).


    • Myth: The agents can remove the adult content bar with appropriate ID

       This is now out of date and the agents can only help to correct the online screen if there are problems using it. Only a UK or any other machine readable Passport or UK Driving Licence (either provisional or full) can be now be used.  More 


    • Myth: It can take up to 5 days for the adult restrictions to be lifted via the online link

      The maximum time for lifting of the restrictions via the online system should be 24 hours (though it's normally a couple of mins and a reboot is sometimes needed to take effect) after which an agent should be contacted to correct the account. More here 


    • Myth: The loss of small amounts of credit over 1p is due to the 1p glitch and agents should be contacted for a refund

      Small losses of credit are normally caused by small amounts of data being used without an active internet inclusive goodybag/gigabag. The 1p glitch has been cured. :smileyhappy:


    • Myth: Agents don't work at weekends 

      The Agents hours are 8am to 10pm 7 days a week.


    • Myth: Charges of less than 20p cannot be due to data charges as it is 20p per day flat rate to up to 20mb.

      Below 1mb the data is charged at a proportion of 1mb and charged at 1p per 0.05mb.


    • Myth: PAC codes are only delivered after 2 hours and between working hours

      This is no longer true and PAC codes are now delivered instantly 24/7.  See more here


Phone buying:




    • Myth: To get a loan the buyer must have lived at their current address for a min of 3 years


      Though you need to supply all the addresses lived in for the last 3 years, it doesn't have to be the same address.



    •  Myth: If the loan is rejected,  an agent can tell you why


      Agents have no access to this information and cannot deal with these types of requests.



    •  Myth: If the loan is rejected,  you can phone Ratesetter and they will tell you why


      Ratsetter do not discuss the reason why any loan is declined,this information is shown on their website here


    •  Myth: Phones bought using a loan can be exchanged for a different model 


      Ratesetter will only accept one application per person for a giffgaff phone every 6 months. So, unlike the purchasing of a phone outright, sending it back will cancel the original loan which means a new phone can't be applied for another 6 months.




    • Myth: Points are given for each post

      Luckily the system for calculating payback is much more sophisticated than that to avoid pointless posting (which can actually reduce payback). It's quality and not quantity that counts. :smileywink:


    • Myth: Kudos have an affect on payback/points

      Kudos are simply to show appreciation for a particularly good post or a well earned thank you, they don't affect payback (but shouldn't be abused).


    • Myth: Payback taken as credit doesn't extend the free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts.

      Payback credit of £10+ does extend the free giffgaff calls for 3 months from the date it's paid into the account. 


    • Myth: Missing the £5 credit for recent joiners with a first recruit is due to the OP misunderstanding the payback points process

      Often they aren't misunderstanding and are expecting the first recruit £5 credit bonus payable for members getting a recruit within 42 days of joining which is normally credited on Tues and Thurs. More here .




    • Myth: Ideas suggested on help should be redirected to post directly onto the ideas board

      People posting ideas on help usually have little knowledge of the ideas process and are much better to be advised to post onto the contribute board first. Many, many ideas have already been proposed before and are very likely to be redirected. The contribute board is used to review an idea and develop it if it hasn't already been suggested.


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Accepted Solutions
by: bertiebat
on: 30/03/2015 | 02:57 edited: 30/03/2015 | 03:01


@greenfrogman wrote:
Guess no more sticky:

Yep seems you're right, though a message informing me would have been nice.Smiley Sad


To be quite honest I haven't been keeping on top of the myths properly recently as I no longer have access to a PC and editing the OP was a real chore, so time to call it a day.


It seemed to have helped a few people along the way so for that I'm pleased and I'm grateful to those that helped me keep it updated with your suggestions. Thanks. Smiley Happy


Over and out.

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by: nasher8236
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:25
Good info mate
Message 2 of 449
by: dalan
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:28
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by: allan1954
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:29
good info.
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by: embrown
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:36

This was actually really helpful, great idea!

Message 5 of 449
by: mary_r_t
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:38
Thank you very much Bertie for stepping in to produce the collated thread along with the hard work you've done collating the information posted on my thread in contribute. I couldn't have managed it myself just now and I'm really grateful to see urban myths finally off the ground. <3
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Urban Myths - The truth is out there!
Message 6 of 449
by: rhodeatlas
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:39
I second that.

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by: bertiebat
on: 13/01/2013 | 17:52 edited: 13/01/2013 | 18:10

@mary_r_t wrote:
Thank you very much Bertie for stepping in to produce the collated thread along with the hard work you've done collating the information posted on my thread in contribute. I couldn't have managed it myself just now and I'm really grateful to see urban myths finally off the ground. <3

Thank YOU Mary as though I've posted the thread itself it's really down to you to getting whole project pushed forward. Smiley Happy


Thanks also to the other giffgaffers that submitted their contributions and suggestions to the myths and I hope they are pleased with the results (it's a collaborative effort which is where giffgaff works best). Smiley Happy


PS.  Thanks for the nice feedback folks (and don't forget to show appreciation and maybe even comments and further myths that you can think of to Mary's thread which got this whole thread of the ground).  It's linked under Mary's name on the OP or you can also do it here Smiley Happy

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by: sloz
on: 13/01/2013 | 18:07
Great work Bertie and Mary , well done to both
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by: midgedog
on: 13/01/2013 | 18:15

Excellent idea mary r t and well done bertiebat and those who have contributed and put this together.  I can this this as being a very useful resource to point people too.  :-)

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