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Urgent help needed!!

Started by: godzo54
On: 09/08/2019 | 08:48
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by: freezing77
on: 14/08/2019 | 07:04
Buy a large powerbank to power your phone until you can get the issue resolved permanently. I had the same problem with my nexus 6p.
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by: godzo54
on: 14/08/2019 | 07:15
Tried that already.. People here have all kinds of power banks. They are useless, none were able to keep this phone running, it barely remains constant when plugged into a wall socket. I went in a gift shop in Finland and the woman in there had a Huawei p30 pro also and she tried her supercharger on it it took over 45 minutes just to get my phone booted up from 0 to 1%...

I've been in three Huawei phone shops, one in Finland and 2 in Norway and the store managers could not even get my phone to 5% using a whole array of chargers and power Banks plugged in for an hour.
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