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Used over 80% of data already?!

Started by: tiabrown
On: 18/10/2015 | 16:22
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by: tiabrown
on: 18/10/2015 | 16:22
I registered and topped up on the 6/10/15 and i bought the £18 goodybag which gave me 6GB of data. I set a warning limit on my phone to alert me once id teached 4GB. It hasnt reached anywhere near that at all and in my GG profile its saying i have 1.16GB left. How? It's only been 12 days.
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by: raqib1998
on: 18/10/2015 | 16:23
Apps can eat data without ur permission.
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by: leenaliaquat69
on: 18/10/2015 | 16:23
Some background apps tend to use data in the background even when you are not on them therefore using most of your allowance, this could be the issue. If you contact an agent they'll tell you where your data was used.
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by: 147brian21573
on: 18/10/2015 | 16:24
It's possible it was used for auto updates and/or auto uploads to Dropbox etc......
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by: carolinel
on: 18/10/2015 | 16:31
Hi, its more than likely background data updating apps or running apps but only the agents can check if the allowance showing is wrong or correct. It might be worth contacting them to check tho
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by: pwei94
on: 18/10/2015 | 19:46
Recheck you giffgaff profile. Are you sure that 1.16 gb is not the amount USED? WiFi would resolve your problem
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by: punamv16
on: 18/10/2015 | 20:23
Do you exit apps running in your background?
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by: gvmhb
on: 18/10/2015 | 20:40

Are you logged into the wrong account, as it says you were registered on 10/10/15 - do you have more than one sim?

Text the word PLAN to 43430 from the phone and giffgaff will text you back with your last 30 days data use.

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by: tiabrown
on: 18/10/2015 | 21:46
No its what I have left as it has gone even lower now to something like 1000.23 MB ... yeah i registered it on that date but i didn't buy a goodybag up until the 6th of this month
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by: tiabrown
on: 18/10/2015 | 21:47
Sorry ive replied down there
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