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Voicemail query

Started by: 201272margaret
On: 04/01/2018 | 19:50
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by: 201272margaret
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:50
My friends complain that when they call me they are switched straight to voicemail or told I can not answer (even though the phone is on and has not rang?) any easy directions I could follow to remedy this?
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by: no51get
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:54

Good evening @201272margaret

Below is all the information regarding voicemail activation etc...
These are some quick numbers you need to manage your Voicemail.
To ACTIVATE Voicemail - Dial 1616
To DEACTIVATE Voicemail Dial - 1626
To CHECK Voicemail - Dial 443
To set your own Voicemail message dial 443 and follow the prompts.
Voicemail extended ring will set the number of rings before divert type in **61*443*10* and then the amount of seconds you want in increments of 5 secs maximum 30 followed by # then SEND
Voicemail costs 8p/Call, or if you have a goodybag, it deducts ONE goodybag minute, regardless of how long you are on the call.
To hear your voicemail from another phone you need to set your PIN. Call your number. Wait for the voicemail to answer, then press * Then enter your PIN. You will then reach the voicemail menu.

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by: carlston49
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:54
In this article you will find everything about giffgaff voicemail and how to use it.
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by: jamal251
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:54

Please try disabling your voicemail by dialling 1626 and then dial 1616 to enable it again. Also turn your phone off/on again to see if that helps.

If still no joy Check to see if there are any problems with the mobile signal e.g. (2G,3G,4G) where you are see here:

If the signal is fine then try turning your phone off, waiting 5 mins and then turn it back on (to force it to reconnect to the network signal).

If still no joy, i suggest you do a manual roam to see if that helps

Also try turning airplane/flight mode on and then back off.

If the service looks good and still having issues receiving calls contact a agent to investigate. To get in touch with an agent you will need to follow this link please be aware agents can take up to 24 hours to reply.
A reply from an agent can be found “Messages From Agents" box that is located on your "My Giffgaff" page , or the page can be accessed by following this link

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by: z0d10n
on: 04/01/2018 | 19:55 edited: 04/01/2018 | 19:56



Good Evening @201272margaret Smiley Happy.  Maybe check to see if call diverts are enabled in error?  If they are, please disable the call diverting, if not required.


Call divert

Divert all calls



{NUMBER} = phone number where calls are to be forwarded (use 443 to divert to voicemail)





Divert calls if not answered



{NUMBER} = phone number where calls are to be forwarded





Divert calls if unreachable



{NUMBER} = phone number where calls are to be forwarded





Divert calls if busy



{NUMBER} = phone number where calls are to be forwarded





Cancel all call diverts


Reactivate all call diverts


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by: 201272margaret
on: 05/01/2018 | 08:49
Thanks everyone. I will try and follow your suggestions. I am a complete technophobe when it comes to I T . Hence my 3 enquiries. I didn't realise the first two had gone through. Perhaps I should ask a youngster to help me out.
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by: sloz
on: 05/01/2018 | 09:00
Hi, which phone do you have?
Call ##002# to switch off any diverts then call 1616 to switch voicemail back on

Also check that your do not disturb setting is switched off
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