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Voucher processing

Started by: tempanypearl
On: 29/11/2012 | 22:02
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by: tempanypearl
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:02

My £10 top up voucher has been processing since 14.17 this afternoon, will it eventually go through?

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by: backdrifters
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:02
There have been balance, activation, top up and goodybag issues today. Check here to see the latest update:
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by: nosh2
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:03

seem like an issue @ the moment

check in the morning to see if its gne through
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by: worsdall
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:03
They're experiencing technical difficulties today! Hang on for 24 hours before trying again. If not, contact an agent, via the 'my giffgaff' page
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by: rts95
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:03
They're experiencing technical difficulties today.
Keep trying... If it doesn't work tomorrow then contact an agent, via the 'my giffgaff' page where they'll help you but it should be sorted soon Smiley Happy
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by: georgetown_82
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:03
dial *100# to check your could already be on but not updated on account
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by: jaydean38
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:03
Hi sorry to hear this but Unfortunately Giff Gaff are having few issues at the moment..with Delayed goodybags, top ups and activations so give it a few hour and try again. Hope this helps and you get it sorted... Have a great Day Smiley Happy
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by: mrcheerful
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:04
I am sure that once all these gremlins are fixed your voucher will work ok.
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by: jburnham96
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:05

Hey there, 


When this gets sorted, it will go through. Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your goodybag/topping up/outgoing calls and texts; sadly there are issues at the moment which include the following: 


  • Some £10 goodybags this morning have been applied with incorrect levels of data allowance and minutes.
  • Some accounts are showing "Balance N/A" and others are showing pending, processing or updating when buying a goodybag or top up.
  • Some members are unable to buy goodybags or top up.
  • Issues with outgoing calls and texts.

The latest update from 21:22 from Sarah is the following:


"We're continuing to test, but it looks like the engineers have found the root cause - the problem was that part of our system had stopped communicating with our network nodes. They're working on bringing this back up and I'll let you know what's what shortly.


Thanks for your patience guys."


If you want to check the latest update please check the service updates by clicking here.


Hope you're having a good evening!

- Jordan

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by: pad3
on: 29/11/2012 | 22:10
once giffgaff get the problems fixed it will go through
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