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Was charged twice!

Started by: dingal17
On: 05/04/2018 | 14:35
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by: dingal17
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:35

I just joined Giffgaff few days ago and I saw that you charged twice when should only be one off payment.  I don't need £20 on my phone. 

Thank you 

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by: djbonner07
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:38
@dingal17 >>>

It could of been due to a system error / glitch / fault on giffgaffs part of things or it might of been a mistake / accident of yours, if you want a refund back, please check out the below. >>

1, Make sure it did take 2 payments or payments you didn’t want to make:

2, If it did, read / carry out the below if you still want a refund, >>

(Top-up/Package Refund)

If you want a refund back,contact a agent below and fully explain to them, if your purchase was done by a Credit or Debit Card make sure you have your bank details stored so that they can refund it back to your bank, please allow up to 3-5 days to receive the payment back to your bank.

The Agents >

⬜ Contact a agent : ➜ just use that link and explain.

● giffgaff agents work 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm

⬜ Agent Replies : ➜ http://

● Also : Please be patient, the response may take up to 24 - 48 hours for a agent to reply

Or you could keep it on your account for ongoing or for next month etc.
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by: espuelita
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:39

dingal17 wrote:

I just joined Giffgaff few days ago and I saw that you charged twice when should only be one off payment.  I don't need £20 on my phone. 

Thank you 

Please an agent for help and request a refund, please use: and select from the most relevant category. Don't worry if you can't find an exact fit, just use the one which seems most appropriate.


Please note that agents may take up to 24 hours to reply (although they are frequently much quicker). You can see when an agent has replied in the "Messages: From Agents" box half way down the right hand side of your "My Giffgaff" page, or go directly to:

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by: madscouser69
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:39
I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with your giffgaff account
Due to this being an issue with an account it will be best for you to contact an agent here

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for a response from an agent, however they are usually a lot quicker (every message you send will reset the timer so please be patient)
Agent Replies can be found here:
I hope you get your issue sorted
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by: discoandrew
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:42

Hi there


I am very sorry to read of your problem @dingal17 Smiley Sad. Please Contact an Agent about the payment duplication and your request for a refund. Giffgaff Agents usually respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.


Agent replies will appear within your  Dashboard / My Giffgaff and also via your My Questions.


Thank you.

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