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What Does A Great Post contain ?

Started by: essie112mm
On: 02/08/2014 | 16:51
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by: isabel1066
on: 04/08/2014 | 08:52
thank you essie112mm great post.
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: hazel22
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on: 04/08/2014 | 13:53
Yo, just to let you know we're going to lock this thread as it's purpose for Education is being somewhat diluted by the chat continuing,

Kind regards,
4th April 2011 - 5th June 2015
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by: roxy_r
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on: 07/11/2017 | 13:59 edited: 08/04/2019 | 09:11

We will always do our best to answer any question that comes our way but sometimes members will have account issues that  can only be solved by an agent. The best path to the resolution in that case is to use one of the specialised agent links. This will considerably improve the time it takes for the situation to be resolved.


Please have a look below to see when it is best to contact and always remember that for the majority of issues asking a question on the forum is much quicker.


Here is the list with all the links and a short explanation on when to use them:




Problems activating a SIM

Problems ordering a SIM

SIM hasn't arrived

Unlocking your phone

All services (calls, texts & data) not working

Calls & texts not working

Data not working

Slow data

Problems with picture messaging (MMS)

Problems with tethering

Problems with voicemail (in UK)

Call services settings & premium rate numbers

Blocking a number

Managing adult content

Calls & texts from UK to overseas numbers

Calls, texts & data while overseas

Problems with voicemail (while overseas)

Using a goodybag in the EU (RLAH)

Using a top-up voucher Credit/debit card or PayPal overcharging

Exchanging credit for a goodybag

Cancelling a goodybag or top up purchase

Cancelling a queued goodybag

goodybag allowances or credit balance incorrect

Buying a goodybag or credit

Setting up or changing recurring goodybags or auto top-up  Starting a new goodybag early Unable to get SMS from Bank

Obtaining a PAC

Transferring from giffgaff to another network

Transferring from another network to giffgaff

Service issues after transferring to giffgaff

Changing your number

Replacing your SIM

Replacement SIM not received

Activating a replacement SIM

Obtaining a PUK/PUK2 code

Swapping SIMs

Changing my payment details

Generating a VAT receipt

Requesting usage records

Receiving unwanted emails from us

Right to get copies of your data/ Subject Access Request (SAR)

Right to Data Portability

Right to get your Data corrected

Right to get your Data deleted (right to be forgotten) Right to object the use of your Data

Right to review automated decision making

Payback payout

Increasing the number of SIMs I can order

Missing SIMs

Payback points balance

Changing your payback method

Bonus credit / Super Recruiters

Obtaining proof of usage for a phone

Buying a phone

Place or remove an IMEI bar

Phone return

Phone repair

Phone delivery

Obtaining a proof of purchase for a phone

Seling a phone - placing an order

Selling a phone - sending your phone

Selling a phone - getting a revised quote

Selling a phone - payment related issues

All other issues related to selling a phone


Also, do not forget to check the agent messages here.




community manager in the Help&Support area
links Visit the community guidelines <Check the Knowledge base
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