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What and why would I want a new SIM card? I didn't know tho was a new service provider!?

Started by: nativewoman72
On: 03/12/2015 | 03:08
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by: nativewoman72
on: 03/12/2015 | 03:08
So do I close out my membership or delete this I thought this was just a blog site, I went to it asking questions about my phone!?????????
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by: nosh2
on: 03/12/2015 | 03:43
hey there its ur choice if u want to come on here and the community
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by: bex85
on: 03/12/2015 | 04:26
This is just a community forum, if you want to become a giffgaff customer then activate the Sim card through this account
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by: pinkcalculator
on: 03/12/2015 | 05:06
Unless you actually ordered sim you'll not ga e one sent and even if you did it's not active until you add money to the account to activate. The forum can be used as a sounding board for queries, a lot of the memvers are very experienced with phones so you should get great help and no further obligation on your part.
Once you've made a memver name and password they don't delete it though
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by: jondav142
on: 03/12/2015 | 06:01
Anyone can come here and you don't need to have a sim if you do not want to. Your choice. Gg has been going 6 years so it's not that new a provider
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by: cherrycoke1983
on: 03/12/2015 | 07:38

Giffgaff is not moving 

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by: andrewbergstrom
on: 03/12/2015 | 07:57
This is a public forom and anybody can access it for help. But if your are a giffgaff member you can earn payback points.
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