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What happens to my auto top up balance if my phone number expires?

Started by: leomartinus
On: 04/02/2017 | 18:09
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by: leomartinus
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:09

Hi there,

After using giffgaff for some time during my stay in Britain, I now don't need it anymore because I have left the UK and I am currently living in my homecountry of Holland again using my own local phonenumber.

Now I got an announcement by email that my giffgaff number will expire soon. I was just wondering, since I still have a top up balance of about GBP 12,- that's not been used up, what will happen to that balance when my number expires? Will it be refunded to the bankaccount used for auto topup, or will that money just be my loss?




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by: freedmaniac
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:11
Unfortunately, the balance will be lost when the sim expires.
It may be possible to send some charity texts to use up the balance.
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by: bengalknights
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:11
Hello the credit would be lost
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by: rebelyell
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:11
The money will be lost. You can keep your account alive if you want by doing any of the following.

Make a least one call, SMS or MMS to another number. Note that emergency calls (i.e. 999/112) and calls or texts to giffgaff services (i.e. 2020,43431,43430) do not apply)

Make at least one connection to the internet via giffgaff

Receive at least 4 calls of more than 10 seconds

Make a least one topup/purchase (credit or goodybag)

Receive Payback points (for recruiting new members or participating in the community).
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by: miaoxian1
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:11
Hi its use or lose I'm afraid
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by: discoandrew
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:14

Hi there


I am sorry to inform you that once a SIM card is disconnected for the network, you would lose any credit you had on that SIM card (and the mobile number will be recycled too).


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news @leomartinus Smiley Sad


Taken from Giffgaff Terms and Conditions


Our rights to bar or disconnect your SIM Card


13.3. Your SIM Card will be disconnected unless, at least once every six months, your Account is used to:

  • a) make at least one call, SMS or MMS to another number (not including calls to emergency services or Member Services);
  • b) make at least one connection to the Internet;
  • c) make at least 4 received calls of more than 10 seconds;
  • d) make at least one airtime credit or Bundle purchase; or
  • e) receive Payback Points.

13.4. If your SIM Card is disconnected, you will lose any remaining credit or Bundle balance on your Account and if you wish to be re-connected, you will be given a new mobile phone number.

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by: leomartinus
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:37
Giffgaff is not covered in Holland so do you really want me to travel to teh UK to make this one phonecall?!
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by: leomartinus
on: 04/02/2017 | 18:41
Thanks all.
In the end, using giffgaff was more expensive than using my own Dutch number when I lived in the UK. In the future I will never use giffgaff again. I accept my loss... and will choose for another company next time.

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by: rebelyell
on: 04/02/2017 | 19:28

leomartinus wrote:

Giffgaff is not covered in Holland so do you really want me to travel to teh UK to make this one phonecall?!

Giffgaff does have coverage in Holland. You can make a call or send a text from there no problem. 

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by: defraybo2
on: 04/02/2017 | 19:34
Make sure yo go into your dadboard an cancell auto topup and recurring goodybag. Remove all credit card or bank card details from youd account.
Then set a reminder in your phone or calander to make one text message every ten to eleven weeks and the sim will stay active and retain the remaining credi if you evet come back to britain again. Or travel to another counry whet you could use up the credit for international calls or texts or data.
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