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What is my telephone number?

Started by: angelbabe1uk
On: 14/09/2010 | 20:21
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by: angelbabe1uk
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:21

How do i find out what my giffgaff mobile number is?

With most networks you ring a number and it tells you what yours is

But giffgaff doesnt sem to have it

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by: callumacrae
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:21
Go into the "My Giffgaff" section - note that it won't display until your phone is fully activated.

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by: andreww
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:22

Once you've activated your SIM it will appear on the my giffgaff tab, top left.

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by: evilronald
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:23

Your number should appear on your "My giffgaff" on the left hand side, after that i just find saving it in my contacts on your phone is fine Smiley Happy

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by: aidan4321
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:24 edited: 14/09/2010 | 20:25

Yeah.. It should be displayed on the side of the page when you first sign in

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by: muzzard
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:24
if its activated via the my giffgaff section of the site. or you could text or call another phone if you are that way inclined
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by: mohammed95
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:29

just go to giffgaff home and it says your number on the home page mate

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by: angelbabe1uk
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:37

Nothing showing up there at all

Is it because i havent topped it up yet?

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by: andreww
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:38

Yes it won't show until you activate your SIM/top up,

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by: darrenpainter
on: 14/09/2010 | 20:39
Yes, because topping up or buying a goody bag to the value of £10 is a requirement to activate your sim and be allocated a phone number
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