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What's up with goody bags????

Started by: ryan_irvine16
On: 29/11/2012 | 20:38
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by: ryan_irvine16
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:38

Hi was wondering what's up with the  goody bags, can anyone help please?

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by: imzdaking
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:39

wait for your account to update


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by: slinkyjane
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:40
Sorry you are experiencing problems,giff gaff are aware of the issues
with goodybags and top ups at the moment, click on link for latest update.
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by: seajamiet
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:41

Giffgaff problems

There have been problems related to the tooping up, credit and goodybag services today. There is no ETA at this current time but we believe that they are making good progress in fixing the issue. Unfortunately, giffgaff cannot reply to everyone individually who reports a problem through the agents so they advise you check this thread for the latest updates and ETA’s:

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by: littlelou
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:41

Hi Heart Giffgaff are having a few problems that are effecting the goodybags, balance, activation and top ups please keep checking this thread for updates: goodybag issues


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by: dfg10
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:43
there are a few issues today so you will have to.give it a while for it to get fixed
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by: nate37
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:43

latest update from Educators:


UPDATE 20:02


After talking with our tech team, they're looking at a couple of options, including reconfiguring a couple of network nodes. We're also continuing to investigate the cause and we'll be back when we know more.


Thanks everyone for bearing with us,





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by: ryan_irvine16
on: 29/11/2012 | 20:44
thanks for the help giff gaffers Smiley Very Happy
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