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WhatsApp photos not going into camera roll iphone 4s

Started by: agcdunn
On: 24/11/2012 | 10:42
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by: agcdunn
on: 24/11/2012 | 10:42



Please can anyone help, Whatsapp is working correctly on my iphone 4s apart from it does not save photos received into the camera roll, I've checked the settings and they are :- Whatsapp>settings>chat settings>save incoming media is set to ON


I thought this would automatically save the photos to the camera roll, am I missing something?



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by: sam1128
on: 24/11/2012 | 10:46
Try reset of iPhone this may troubleshoot the option !

Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

(Like all computers, the Apple iPhone occasionally needs a reboot. You can do this by giving it a "hard reset". This does not remove app, songs, contacts or anything else stored on your iPhone. It basically just reboots the phone without following the normal shutdown procedures.)
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by: evil0live
on: 24/11/2012 | 10:54 edited: 24/11/2012 | 10:55

I dont think it will save in the Camera roll folder, There should be a Whatsapp folder within the images app that contains all your whatsapp images.


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by: m1cky
on: 24/11/2012 | 10:56
Mine save in my camera roll as soon as I have looked at them. Sorry I know this doesn't help your problem but it does work. Maybe try re-installing what's app?
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by: davell
on: 24/11/2012 | 10:57

Turn off 'save incoming media'.

closedown whatsapp fully by double clicking the home button and closing the app down. 

Restart whatsapp and re-enable 'save incoming media'

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by: deanie73
on: 24/11/2012 | 10:59
This might help. Settings-Privacy-Whatsapp-Then turn ON
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by: ste53
on: 24/11/2012 | 11:27

mines ok

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by: evil0live
on: 01/07/2014 | 14:37
Try checking if there are other folders storing the whatsapp images.
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by: mazinodo
on: 01/07/2014 | 14:56
Re-install the app Smiley Happyx
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by: headcases
on: 01/07/2014 | 15:01
Delete the app and re install it again
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