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WhatsApp won't work on my BlackBerry

Started by: suzanne87
On: 02/03/2011 | 19:17
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by: suzanne87
on: 02/03/2011 | 19:17

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to initialise WhatsApp messenger on my BlackBerry Curve 8520. It was already installed on my phone, it worked fine when I was with my previous provider (it's a Dutch one, which one doesn't really matter, does it?) but I keep getting this error:


Sync error: Currently insufficient network coverage. (Please wait while system retries)


And it's been like this since forever.

I've tried several things. The APN settings enabled and set to the giffgaff username and password, so that's not the problem. I did all that says here on the FAQ on the WhatsApp website:


So please, help?

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by: cds78
on: 02/03/2011 | 19:25
does it just use the internet to work? if so, does your internet work on the phone? you may need to update the settings
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by: agmeee
on: 02/03/2011 | 19:49

Does the internet work? It's suggesting that you haven't got a signal.

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by: suzanne87
on: 02/03/2011 | 20:16

Yeah I think that's the problem, none of my applications work, I see now. Well, I've searched some more on the board, and it says I may have a block for the internet on my SIM card, so I'll just wait till morning and see if its working by then. Thanks anyway!

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by: sinead_d
on: 03/03/2011 | 10:03

Hi suzanne87


I have taken a look at your account and can confirm that you do not have a data bar


You will need to ensure that your settings have been adjusted accordingly


Sorry for any inconvenience


Kind Regards

Sinead Diver
Handy giffgaff staffer

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by: frazerclark
on: 03/03/2011 | 10:08
Can you text/make/recieve calls okay?

I would check your masts status:
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by: suzanne87
on: 03/03/2011 | 10:27
I double checked everything, and I can make/receive calls and texts fine. The agent said there weren't restrictions on my sim, so that can't be it either. Internet is still not working, weird..
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by: suzanne87
on: 03/03/2011 | 10:52 edited: 03/03/2011 | 10:53

All right, I got Shazam to work using these settings, entered them manualy when Shazam asked for them:

Connection Name: giffgaff - GPRS
APN - Access Point Name:
Proxy Server Address:
Proxy Port:8080
Login - Username: giffgaff
Password: password

But WhatsApp still doesn't work. I can't seem to enter the Proxy settings somewhere else in my options. Anyone have an idea where to do that on a BlackBerry 8520?

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by: runnman
on: 19/10/2011 | 16:35

I have the same problem. My internet is working fine though opera browser, but whatsapp didn't work. I deleted it, but now I cant re download it because I have to be on the BB browser. I will use the service book hack think to get BB browser working, but will whatsapp work then? or does it work through RIM servers?

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