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Whatsapp service + GG voicemail

Started by: analisa
On: 16/05/2013 | 11:22
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by: analisa
on: 16/05/2013 | 11:22

I have been unable to access Whatsapp for a couple of weeks now. A message stating that the "time" on the phhone needs to be updated appears constantly. 


Also - I cannot access my GG voicemail. Each time I dial 443, it gets disconnected.


Please help me with this. 

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by: pramsbottom
on: 16/05/2013 | 11:29
Do you have credit
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by: tinks22
on: 16/05/2013 | 11:29
voicemail costs 1 minute from a goodybag or 8p per call.
unfortunately, all i can think is that maybe your goodybag allowance has run out, or you've run out of credit? it sounds basic, but it happens sometimes without realising.
there's a guide here about using voicemail and setting it up, it might be some use to you:
sorry i can't help you more
good luck!
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by: lynniloo301183
on: 16/05/2013 | 11:31
Can't help with whatsapp u fortunately.

But your voicemail might be turned off. Hears the quick dial codes to check it.

To Switch on Voicemail - Dial 1616

To Switch off Voicemail - Dial 1626

To access your Voicemail - Dial 443

Charges for Voicemail are 1 minute from your goodybag or 8p from credit if you don't have a goodybag. And it doesn't matter how long the call lasts the charges are per call not per minute.

For a full Voicemail guide see more here

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by: amir667
on: 16/05/2013 | 11:32
ensure you have credit

the following are the voicemail options available on giffgaff.
Voicemail - Dial 443
Voicemail - Dial 1616
Voicemail Dial - 1626

Voicemail call costs 1 min of goodybag credit or 8p per call. for more information on voicemail follow here
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by: scotbec
on: 16/05/2013 | 11:34
I couldn't access my what's app for a while I ended up deleting and re-installing the application. I had to add all my contacts again but it worked, may be worth trying Smiley Happy
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by: guardianhawk
on: 16/05/2013 | 12:24 edited: 16/05/2013 | 12:26
If you have auto update of time turned off on your device switch it on. Then restart your phone. That should cure the Whatsapp problem.
Hope I helped!
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by: princess_nadia
on: 16/05/2013 | 12:26

re install whats app and u need credit to check your voicemail

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by: kerrieanne
on: 16/05/2013 | 12:26
You will need credit
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by: emskimo
on: 16/05/2013 | 12:35

Hey, whatsapp isn't connected to giffgaff. However, check the time is correct on your phone, clear your whatsapp cache and sign in again,it should have updated.


Also, you have to have airtime credit or a gooodybag to access your voicemail.


Kind regards



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