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Why isnt my goodybag working?

Started by: lydiakelly
On: 29/01/2014 | 23:00
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by: lydiakelly
on: 29/01/2014 | 23:00
I bought the £12 goodybag on tuesday, yet when i woke up this morning it's not working, and I just really don't understand? Please help!x
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by: sloz
on: 29/01/2014 | 23:04
Hi is there any sign of it on your my giffgaff page

And does it say delivered in payment history
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by: aaabzx3
on: 29/01/2014 | 23:12
is your goodybag showing on my giffgaff?
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by: william_knapman
on: 29/01/2014 | 23:12

are your sorted now?

it could be signal / service issues

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by: w69d
on: 29/01/2014 | 23:14
hi,do you already have a Live Goodybag which needs to expire before that new one can start ?
what does your my giffgaff and payment history page show

does your Goodybag show from your phone
*100*7# Goodybag minutës balance
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by: natman99
on: 29/01/2014 | 23:22
i also bought a gudybag 5pound and wen i woke up it all so had gon to o.oo?
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by: w69d
on: 29/01/2014 | 23:25
hi @natman99

if you bought a £5 Goodybag then your airtime credit would be zero ,as Goodybags don't increase your airtime credit

check your £5 Goodybag
here *100*7# Goodybag minutës balance
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by: m_morley
on: 30/01/2014 | 01:11

Please elaborate on the not working with a how it is not working explanation

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by: rajaraman
on: 30/01/2014 | 05:12
what is not working mate? Calls / texts / minutes?

Please refer to the detailed Settings for ALL phone models
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