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Won't let me buy a new goody bag?

Started by: mollydoodles
On: 04/07/2012 | 06:55
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by: mollydoodles
on: 04/07/2012 | 06:55
My goody bag ran out yesterday (3rd July) and I read that I needed to wait till 12AM for it to totally expire. So I went to buy my new goody bag this morning and it keeps saying "At this moment you can only top-up your balance. We are having a few gremlins with our goody bags."
Is it just saying this cause I'm on lockdown? What even is lockdown?
And if not- why does it generally mean?
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by: mickf
on: 04/07/2012 | 06:57

It means try again later.  After 0900

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by: chickenchips
on: 04/07/2012 | 06:57
I've been having the exact same problem.. looks like it is affecting a lot of people. Hope they get it fixed soon.
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by: danielcasson
on: 04/07/2012 | 06:58
I would give it 24 hours or if still can not contact a agent
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by: kimberlicious
on: 04/07/2012 | 06:58
You can't queue them for now, but they are looking into it - hence you have to wait for yours to expire


Or set it up to recur - you can cancel whenever
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by: claire72
on: 04/07/2012 | 07:04

i am having the same problem. I am beginning to think i made a mistake changing from 02. never had this problem before.  it's so annoying.!

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by: sam1128
on: 04/07/2012 | 07:06
There is no lock out period anymore so you should have been able to buy it .

  Account not refreshed or updated issue :

Systems refreshes at 9 ... If its does not go through emails agents plz.
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by: djralphe
on: 04/07/2012 | 07:09

give it 24 hours or if still cant contact an agent

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by: k6joh
on: 04/07/2012 | 07:24
hi you are not the only one who should stayed with O2 last month top't up with £10 for a goody bag but 2 days later they took out of my account £20 this is on top of my £10 i contacted an agent 5 times but no reply just hope this does not happen to me every time i ad a goody bag and now it tell's me i have no goody bag witch runs out on 25 this month i think I will give it until 25 this month to see that happens i may go back to o2 or look at tesco network witch is cheap to run
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by: ste4444
on: 04/07/2012 | 07:31
just keep trying I'm afraid
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