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You cannot make outgoing calls while call barring is on

Started by: wyndstryke
On: 08/07/2011 | 16:56
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by: wyndstryke
on: 08/07/2011 | 16:56
Does anyone have any ideas? I sent a message to the Agents a few hours ago but nothing back yet. My last phone was lost, so the old SIM & IMEI number were barred. However, I now have a replacement phone from ebay & I have the reissued sim. I activated the new SIM yesterday. However I am unable to make calls with my new phone since it says 'calls barred'. The phone is a Dell Streak, as before (Android 2.2). It has credit & a goodybag. The exact message is : You cannot make outgoing calls while call barring is on. If I go into the call barring section in settings, I can't change the settings because it asks for a 3-character network password. Presumably this is because I asked for my old SIM / phone to be barred? I can't send messages / receive 3G data / etc either. I've set up the APNs according to the instructions.
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by: andy_uk
on: 08/07/2011 | 16:57
You'll just have to wait for the agents to get back to you, as they'll need to remove the temporary bar that replacement sims have on them.
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by: gladiator33
on: 08/07/2011 | 16:57
check here for the replies from agents mate

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by: andymcandy
on: 08/07/2011 | 16:58
Just wait for the agent's reply. Most replacement sims come with a bar on so just wait and it should get removed soon Smiley Happy
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by: clwydian
on: 08/07/2011 | 16:59
Your account its still locked from when the previous sim was attached to it. you need an agents magic touch.
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by: shedy
on: 08/07/2011 | 17:04
U need to tell agent that your replacement sim has arrived and that u need the bar removed. kudos if i was helpful pls.
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by: manguexa
on: 08/07/2011 | 17:20

the agents has to remove the bars

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