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activating goodybag

Started by: fayeahmed
On: 26/08/2012 | 19:32
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by: fayeahmed
on: 26/08/2012 | 19:32

i topped up ten pound so i can add the hokey dokey goodybag, for five pound and have the other credit if my goodybag runs out, its really frustrating as it does not allow me to get a goodybag and its been over a month i had purchased my last goodybag so it should let me. can anyone suggest what i should do?

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by: badgerhud
on: 26/08/2012 | 19:33
there have been issues, but it's worth contacting an agent to look into this for you
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by: backdrifters
on: 26/08/2012 | 19:33
Is it saying you still have an active goodybag or is the site just not working?
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by: daeagleton
on: 26/08/2012 | 19:33
Buying a goodybag from existing credit:

A goodybag has to expire in terms of date, if its been over a month and your goodybag has expired you should be able to buy a new one Smiley Happy
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by: lucy68
on: 26/08/2012 | 19:34

it was the same with me but i managed after several attempts,

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by: pitney
on: 26/08/2012 | 19:35
Yes you can do that, have you tryed buying the goodybag on the giffgaff mobile site?;_ylu=X3oDMTE1dXVlb2I0BHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2x...
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by: sloz
on: 26/08/2012 | 19:53
What error are you getting? If its when you click continue and dosnt go to the final confirmation page, the fix is to use the mobile site

Or is it some other error?
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