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activating new giffgaff sim

Started by: hearingdog
On: 23/10/2014 | 14:45
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by: hearingdog
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:45

I have bought a new Nokia phone from O2 together with an O2 top-up voucher and I have a new giffgaff sim card....can I use the O2 voucher to activate my new giffgaff sim card and then use without problem?  Cheers all.

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by: a_dee
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:45 edited: 23/10/2014 | 14:47



You should be able to since we run on O2 infrastrucure and accept their vouchers.

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by: choon
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:47
Yes you can, o2 vouchers work on giffgaff.
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by: anees_mahmood
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:47
Yes of course you can Smiley Happy

If you have not yet done so, you need to first register the sim on Giffgaff and then activate it. Use the 6 digit sim activation code that came with the sim to register it. You then need to go to the Top-up page and top-up Online using your voucher.

Once your payment has been complete, your sim will activate within 24 hours and you will be given a new number.

For more information on Activating your Sim, please see this useful guide:
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by: aishaaa_x
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:49
Yupp- o2 topup vouchers can be used on giffgaff sims as giffgaff is a branch of o2

Hope this helps Smiley Happy
Hope this helpsSmiley Happy
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by: sauron
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:52

So long as it is a voucher you can use it on GG

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by: qadir_bi
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:53
Yea you can use O2 top up vouchers for Giffgaff Smiley Happy
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by: j_s
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:53
if its a voucher you an use it to activate the giffgaff sim
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by: herne1
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:56
Us you can. See here for process
Activate. a sim details. Log in here to start.

Enter the six character code and touch ". "continue "
Look at the address bar to see either MGM(member gets member) or freedom. MGM will mean the sim had £5 free on it. Freesim means the sim is standard and no bonus.
On this page you can pay by card or voucher(vouchers can be bought from shops displaying Pay Point etc banners). Follow steps to pay by card (the card has to be UK registered with a UK billing address ).
If you use a voucher look carefully for where it says " if you have top up voucher ". Touch.

The next page is personal details. Enter or change as necessary. Then touch "continue ".
This page gives a prompt for the 16 digit code on the voucher. Enter the 16 digits with no gaps then touch "redeem ".
All done.
The activation now starts.
Full activation can take up to 24 hrs. but normally it's only 30 minutes.

Sim actived? Check online here to see your new giffgaff number and your balance, when you see them your sim is activated.

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by: jesi23
on: 23/10/2014 | 14:59

Welcome to giffgaff! You have come to the right place. . . .

Giffgaff is CARRIED by the O2 network (although it is a separate entity) so you may use an O2 voucher to add credit to your SIM when you activate/register your SIM.

Then make sure you use the credit to buy the 'goodybag' of your choice before doing anything else, as the goody bag must be chosen; it is not assigned automatically.

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