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Started by: 5087
On: 20/07/2015 | 16:50
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by: 5087
on: 20/07/2015 | 16:50
Hi please could everyone send me a AWESOME banner that I could use on my account ?
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by: redisblue
on: 20/07/2015 | 16:53
Message @alicepowell she is the Don of doing them lol Smiley Very Happy
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by: king1974
on: 20/07/2015 | 16:53
make your own on banner page

go on full site its easy to do
Hope i helped the more the merryer dont forget kudos and best answer have a good week
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by: 5087
on: 20/07/2015 | 16:55
I only have access to giffgaff at the moment so I could only create one on giffgaff cut I would like a special one and custom made like others ?
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by: redisblue
on: 20/07/2015 | 16:59
Hello again @5087

You will have to ask one of our lovely members , I would be happy to help but am naff lol.

@alicepowell is good and very friendly Smiley Happy

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